Grime Time

Recorded on the " PERFUME & GRIME " CD on Sequel Records

© (Grand/Basson) © Cami-Zack Publishing-PRS/BMI/ 1993

Down in the alley, in the sweaty streets
You can hear the sounds of the jungle beat
Mo and Larry hanging round in a heap
They gotta get a fix, jump em off dey feet

Here comes Tarzan from behind that bush
Look out brother he's got something to push
Why hand your money over to the Big T mook
He looks to me like a lousy crook

Jimmy and Jeannie are flying high
Riding a spudnik up into the sky
Stole their mama's brand new tee vee
Sold it in the jungle for a do-re-mi

Look at those AD's with a shopping cart
Go shopping here and you lose your heart
Peanut butter, vitamins and MDA
What a lousy way to spend the day

Watch out for the Man cause he's out there too
Just waiting to give you those cold turkey blues
I know you say it's only gettin high
But aint a shooting gallery just a place to die

Giggle sticks, angel dust and crack cocaine
You're riding all alone on an empty train
You think you're going somewhere on a fancy trip
But your life's heading for a serious dip

It's a slaughter by needle in these alleyways
It's jungle fightin day after day
You may want to be safe from this battering ram
The truth of the matter is no one gives a damn

Chorus 1: Grime time, it's grime
Grime time, it's grime
No more grime, no more grime
We don't need no grime no mo

Chorus 2: Stealin', lying, dying too
Look what grime time does to you