Blueside Records' release of OTIS GRAND's "Grand Union..." is this year's CD of the Year as quoted in Blueprint Magazine Nov. 1998 issue. This is a guitar TRIO collaboration with Otis' guitar buddies Anson Funderburgh and Debbie Davies and brings to the 90's the only truly real blues guitar Triumvirate since 1980's Alligator Records "SHOWDOWN" which put together the late great Albert Collins , Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland. This CD also feature the Legendary IKE TURNER and members of the BB KING band.

Track Listing:
click on note to hear a sample of the song
Guitars on fire (400Kwave)
  There Was a Time
Holding you up for Love (300K wave)
- Sugar on vox
  The Things I'd do for you
  Bone Tones
  I got Eyes - Brother Roy on vocals
  Don't Talk about me
  Westside Bossman
  TC Blues
  Rockin' Daddy
  Country Girl
  It's too Late
The Big Prayer (220kwave)

The Players:

Otis Grand - Guitars
Anson Funderburgh - Guitars
Debbie Davies - Guitars
Ike Turner - special guest on Piano
Sugar Ray Norcia - Vocals & Harp
Tony Coleman - Drums & Vocal
Brother Roy Oakley - Vocals
Neil Gouvin - Drums
Mudcat Ward - Bass
Anthony Geraci - Piano & B3
Gordon Beadle - Tenor Sax
James "Boogaloo" Bolden - Trumpet
Stanley Abernathy - Trumpet
Melvin Jackson - Tenor Sax
plus many others

George 'Leroy' Lewis - Associate producer

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NOW available from MCI / Blueside Records, Sept 1998
Genre: Blues Item Number: USA: 00000 UK: WESFCD 107 Also on MC

Produced & arranged by OTIS GRAND. Recorded in Boston, USA

BLUESIDE RECORDS ANNOUNCES NEW RELEASE BY OTIS GRAND LONDON - AUGUST 20, 1998 - Blueside/MCI Records has announced that it will release a new album by veteran blues guitarist, Otis Grand, on September 14. This release, Grand Union, is Grand’s first album since signing with the new Blues label. Recorded in Boston, USA. It is produced by Otis, who is also renowned for his High-value production work on Blues recordings. In Grand Union, Otis Grand has created a powerful guitar recording by inviting his long time friends Anson Funderburgh and Debbie Davies to participate in a TRIOLOGY style CD concept. The album also features the finest musicians from the USA, and includes special guests Sugar Ray Norcia, Tony Coleman and the BB King Horn section, and rare appearance by legendary R&B star Ike Turner on 2 tunes.

Grand Union reflects Otis Grand’s new approach to his latest recording in that he did not want this to be just another Otis Grand release (9 CD’s to date). Since he was invited to participate on the highly acclaimed "Great Guitars" recording by Joe Louis Walker, Otis has been consumed by expanding the project to a totally live guitar recording with his partners in the studio playing together at the same time . "All our playing is first take. It’s got that spontaneous feeling of the moment that is really the magic of playing the blues."

It was planned well in advance. Otis grand began calling musicians and assembling a common ground of songs that all guitarists felt comfortable with. These songs combine a dynamic mixture of Blues, southern soul, rocking R&B and big band influences. Whether Otis is bending, Anson is caressing or Debbie is burning every note from their guitars, the result is an innovative and fresh addition to blues. Grand / Funderburgh / Davies are so good on this release it’s scary, making this another veritable blues guitar ‘ear-gasm’ that will please all audiences across the musical divides.

Otis Grand comments on the release of his new album, Grand Union, :" I am very excited about this new album. I have managed to put together some of America’s best musicians and managed to create my own contemporary blues style- one that is truly unique. I wanted to make a blues recording featuring three great guitarists feeding off each other."

Otis Grand comments :" Obviously any record with 3 guitars would include a lot of great guitar playing and there was a number of direction I would have taken. We did not want a blues jam record - try to out do each other. And we certainly did not want to do that trick guitar records like the HellCasters, or the old Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant wild stuff."

" I wanted to do structured songs and a style that will include our roots in a contemporary way - everything we could do on the guitar."

There are moments when three guitars shred solos in a high flyin’ extreme free for all. For an uninhibited guitar mind blower, listen to the roller coaster take-off and soar of Otis’ intro to the sub-title track ‘Guitars on Fire‘.

Then, checkout Anson driving his slide guitar through uncharted waters on ‘Don’t talk about me‘

· ‘The things I’d do for you‘, led by Sugar Ray’s sultry vocals, slithers Blues funk all over the speakers. Here the guitars trio dirty up the string attack.

· ‘ Westside Bossman’, dedicated to label boss Bob Fisher, has that Jimmy Reed Texas groove, with Guitar put through a Leslie rotary speaker, and IKE TURNER playing raucous piano.

· The massive tones and twisting key and Rhythm changes on ‘Bone Tones‘ make this instrumental a three way guitar speak-a -thon for the guitar trio …. Hey !!! who needs singers!!!

For one hell of a jammin’ blues extravaganza, listen to’TC Blues‘ where all three guitarists pay homage to the chops they learned from their mentors and spiritual guitar idols - albert Collins, BB King and T-Bone walker.. Add The vocals and drumming of R&B stalwart ( and BB King drummer ) of Tony Coleman, Ike Turner’s pounding piano, and BB King’s horn section and this real blues that you’ll wish never ends . Blues Power - that’s the word.

Here is a few quotes & accolades from the current media coverage of this fast selling CD:

" like a dream" - The London Times

"Yes indeed , this may be Otis Grand's finest album to date" Blues & Rhythm

"...hits the spot with some of the hottest blues guitar you'll hear " - The Rock Society Journal

"..with Otis Grand ... you get the jackpot" - Juke Blues

"...Blues CD of the Month" - Mojo , Dec 1998